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Various Speed Reading Techniques
by Melvin Ng

The ability to speed read is an important skill in today's world, where - whether we are students or at work - we are often expected to read hefty amounts of materials on a daily basis. As a result, improving your speed reading technique is something each and every one of us should not only do, but maintain. What, then, are speed reading techniques?

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Security Is Front and Center at Globalriskforumorg

WASHINGTON − Global security remains one of the most important topics of our time, as existing and potential threats continue to pose many challenges for governments and citizens worldwide. In an effort to address this situation, an international and independent association of security officials announced today the launch of Global Risk Forum (www.globalriskforum.org), the most comprehensive and informative online community devoted to a full range of security issues. "Security has become an issue that is on everyone's mind, and it cuts across all geographic, political and cultural lines," said a GRF spokesperson.

"The rationale behind GRF is to bring together an already very strong and large community offline, and put it online. With the situation of today's global events, even if you're not in the security industry, viewers should be able to benefit from GRF." The rising tide of security concerns worldwide has made the Global Risk Forum a valuable asset. The risks continue as the toll from global terrorism continues to rise, according to the latest statistics from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a government organization in the United States responsible for national and international counterterrorism efforts. In 2006, approximately 14,000 terrorist attacks occurred in various countries during 2006, resulting in more than 20,000 deaths, according to the NCTC. The numbers are a sharp rise from the previous year.

As compared with 2005, attacks in 2006 rose by 3,000, a 25 percent increase, while deaths rose by 5,800, a 40 percent increase. GRF has become the Web's essential location and a gateway for the world's security professionals. The forum sheds light on many issues involving security, and encourages a consensus that national and international strategies and cooperation are vital to confront the threat of terrorism and extremism. The GRF, founded by a number of security experts with extensive experience in conflict and post-conflict regions like Iraq and Afghanistan, is a project that was considered long overdue.

The site incorporates many features, including risk and safety topics, industry and product information and links to the most up-to-date security news. "The GRF forum appeals to a wide range of people, and is the central location for those wanting to start out in the security industry to those already at the professional level," said a GRF spokesperson. "It doesn't end there, however. We have target category topics for security risk consumers, employment, military, police and security-orientated courses.

It took way too long to establish an online forum where security, risk and safety topics could all be found and talked about in one place. GRF has now solved that problem.".

The Global Risk Forum, founded by a number of security experts with extensive experience. GRF has become the Web's essential location and a gateway for the world's security professionals.

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