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Various Speed Reading Techniques
by Melvin Ng

The ability to speed read is an important skill in today's world, where - whether we are students or at work - we are often expected to read hefty amounts of materials on a daily basis. As a result, improving your speed reading technique is something each and every one of us should not only do, but maintain. What, then, are speed reading techniques?

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Super Baby Care Tips That Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

(1) At 10 months of age you can contribute to your baby's brain development by giving her old magazines for her to look at and tear the pages out of. But watch her carefully so she doesn't put any pieces of paper into her mouth. (2) During the first few months, put a well-fitted nightcap on your baby's head when she goes to bed.

This will help keep her warm at night until she grows more insulating hair. (3) Your baby usually starts teething at 6 months old. You can try a topical pain reliever from the drugstore if it's preventing her from falling asleep.

(4) Attach receipts to the tags on a new baby clothes. This way if something doesn't fit when you go to put it on your baby, you can return it for a larger size. (5) If your baby is six months or older and frequently has severe influenza infection (e.g.

, diabetes, children with asthma, or heart disease) you should consider bringing her to the doctor to be vaccinated against influenza. (6) You should not give your baby water to drink if she is under 4 months because her kidneys aren't yet equipped to handle it. (7) Beware! Baby powder with talc may cause irritation to your baby's lungs and cause breathing problems. (8) Always remember to burp your newborn after each breast or after every 3 to 4 ounces of formula in order to avoid gas and spitting up later. (9) Two or three times a week, give your baby a tour of her room by holding her upright in your arms against your stomach and facing away from you then you describe each item as you show her around. (10) A small frozen bagel makes a good first teething food for your baby.

Just be sure she's in a sitting position and under your supervision while eating it. Take it away once it gets too mushy. (11) Allowing your baby to nap or sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can lead to tooth decay. (12) As a safety measure, your baby can still be vaccinated if she has a mild illness, such as stomach bug, ear infection, or a cold.

(13) Show your baby a video of a recent family function, instead of regular children's videos. She'll have fun looking at all the familiar faces, including her own! (14) When you change your baby's diaper, kiss her gently on the tummy, fingers and toes. This gentle and simple stimulation will greatly help her develop an early awareness of her body parts. (15) Let your baby nap in the portable crib for a few days before going on an overnight trip with your baby.

This will make sure that she will sleep better when you get to your destination because she will be familiar with the crib. If you have enjoyed this article, watch out for the next issue titled -- "20 Harmful Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Baby". You'll be blown away! Copyright 2006. Jonathan Teng.

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