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We help startups manage their finances and make smarter decisions.

About us

We bring decades of experience as accountants, software engineers, and startup founders – a unique mix you can't find anywhere else.

We’re a team of accountants and financial experts. But that's not all. We’ve built a tech startup with 12 million users and a successful exit in 2022. We’re founders and operators at heart. Whether you’re starting, raising, scaling, or planning to exit your business, we have experience at every step.

We believe that as an owner, you shouldn’t need a degree in accounting to do your taxes. Nor should you have to chase your accountant for answers or feedback on your business. Most owners want the best value for bookkeeping and proactive feedback to stay tax-efficient. That’s what we set out to deliver.

A lot of the bookkeeping and accounting work is predictable. Yet, you can end up paying significant fees for repetitive manual bookkeeping work. We believe in automating many accounting processes to lower your expenses and provide quicker, up-to-date financial insight.

Meet our team

We’re founders and operators at heart.

Aysha Begum


Aysha holds over a decade of experience as Head of Finance and Financial Controller. She has been a qualified accountant with the ACCA since 2004.

Stephen Price


Previously Finance Director at a Renewables business, then CFO at a large family office before joining Novabook in week 1. In his role as fractional CFO, he ensures the highest quality tax compliance for our customers.

Stephen Wilks


Previously CEO of Seneca Learning as they scaled to provide a free education for 12 million students, 40+ employees, millions in annual recurring revenue & profitability before successfully exiting the business in 2022.

Helen Poon

Founder's Associate

Before Novabook Helen worked at the Financial Times Group on M&A, VC investments and strategic partnerships. She also worked as an investment banking analyst in M&A advisory at HSBC in investment banking.

Lukas Feddern


As Co-Founder of Seneca Learning, Lukas led the development of the product and engineering teams from the company's inception. During this time, the company scaled to millions of monthly active users and significant profitability before being acquired by GoStudent in 2022.

Ruben Portz


Ruben led the commercial team at Seneca helping the company grow to millions of users and ARR. He has also supported 200+ startup founders through weekly growth and finance clinics for accelerator programs such as Techstars, Startupbootcamp, and LSE.

Why are we different?

A unique mix of business operations and financial expertise you won't find anywhere else.



Our team has decades of combined business experience. Not just as accountants, but also as operators. We’ve built a tech startup with 12 million users and a successful exit in 2022.

Novabook Tech Savvy


We bring a unique mix of finance and engineering expertise. Our accountants work with brilliant software engineers to integrate your finance tools and streamline operations.

Novabook Scalable


No need to change accountants anymore. Whether you’re starting, raising, scaling or planning to exit your business. We can grow with you and support every step of the way.

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